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Online TV

Anywhere you are, you can watch TV online A free internet TV is an easy way how to stay in touch with your country.

Enjoy TV news, TV series, TV shows, movies, music, entertainment, and sports.

Study languages with free TV online , do not pay for expensive language courses. You can master real life language and enjoy a lot of fun.


Windows Media, Real Media, or Quick Time direct to your favourite live TV channels .

You just need a free media player either RealPlayer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Windows Media Player to watch TV on the internet.

Do not forget! You need a fast broadband internet connection, for example ADSL or Cable internet. Test the speed of your internet connection with the Speed Test.


Please, advice me about new live TV channels . I will promtly improve this TV listing. As well, contact me if you find some broken link. Send me an email to web master or use the following form to suggest a TV channel. Thank you for improving this site!


Internet TV is television distributed via the Internet. In the past, television was mainly distributed via cable, or satellite. Today - with the increase in free internet TV connection speeds, and the decrease in connection costs - it has become increasingly common to find traditional television content such as such as TV news , TV show , citi TV , and court TV accessible freely and legally on live TV . In addition to this, new online TV content has appeared which is not distributed via cable, satellite, or terrestrial systems.

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Arabic and Persian

Al Jazeera, Quatar,
Dubai EDTV, Dubai,
France 24, France,
Jordan Telecom, Jordan,
Rusiya Al Yaum, Russia,
TV Alalam News Channel, Iran,
TV Iran, Iran,


TV ČT 24, ČR, ,
TV Meteo, ČR,
TV Noe, ČR,
TV Óčko, ČR,
2.0 HDTV 1, ČR,
1.0 PG 24, ČR,
800 TVB1, ČR,


HTV1, Croatia,


AdventureFree TV, USA,
AFTV Comedy, USA,
AFTV DimensionB, USA,
AFTV Movie Classics, USA,
AFTV Music Videos, USA,
AFTV Snowboarding, USA,
BBC Liquid News, UK,
BBC Newsnight, UK,
BBC Panorama, UK,
C-Span, USA,
CartoonsFree TV, USA,
CBC The National, Canada,
ClassicsFree TV, USA,
ComedyFree TV, USA,
CrimeFree TV, USA,
Daytona Beach Live, USA,
eaTV, USA,
GalaxyUniverse TV, USA,
Information TV, USA,
Kulaks Woodshed, USA,
TV Mania, USA,
TV Ministry of Sound, UK,
TV MusicPlus, USA,
Research Channel, USA,
TV Russia Today, Russia,
SCCtv Broadband, USA,
Shop NBC, USA,
Sci-FiFree TV, USA,
Western TV, Germany,


420 BFM TV, France
400 Calais TV, France
340 Canalmoza, France
372 Clap TV, France
512 Cybertika Tropical, France
320 Cybertika Urban, France
400 France 24, France
512 Hip Hop TV, France
372 Jet, France
350 MBOA TV, France
250 Senat, France
512 Sunvibz TV, France
350 Tele Grenoble, France


3 Channel, Italy,
All Music, Italy,
Canale 66, Italy,
Play TV, Italy,
Primocanale, Italy,
Rai News 24, Italy,
Rai Sport 24h, Italy,
Sky TG24, Italy,
Super TV, Italy,
Tele Capri Sport, Italy,
Tele Liguria Sud, Italy,


450 3Sat, Germany
340 Antenne West, Germany
512 Audi TV, Germany
700 Bahn TV, Germany
300 DAF TV, Germany
500 Del TV, Germany
400 Deluxe Music TV, Germany
500 FashionGuide TV, Germany
700 GIGA TV, Germany
300 Muenchen TV, Germany
192 N-TV, Germany
500 NDR Hamburg, Germany
880 NRW TV, Germany
1.1 PETN TV City, Germany
1.1 PETN TV Movie, Germany
1.1 PETN TV Music, Germany
1.1 PETN TV Sports, Germany
500 RTL shop, Germany
384 Tunespoon, Germany


275 Canal Parlamento, Portugal
112 Faab TV, Brasil
564 Loures TV, Portugal
100 Mana Sat, Portugal
256 TV Ciencia, Portugal
250 TV Net, Portugal
141 TV Orkut, Brasil
150 Viseu TV, Portugal
320 Yourvida, Brasil


TV Antena 3, Romania, Flash


300 1TV, Russia
768 A1 TV, Russia
351 RBC, Russia
229 RTR Planeta, Russia
250 TV SME, Russia
800 TV+, Russia
250 Vesti 24, Russia


TV Patriot, Slovak,
TV TA3, Slovak,
TV Východ, Slovak,


TV Paprika, Slovenia,
TV Pika, Slovenia,
999 Play TV, Slovenia
225 RTV Slovenija, Slovenia
450 TV SLO 1, Slovenia


200 Canal 29, Spain
270 Canal 7, Spain
220 Canal Parlamento, Spain
250 El Independiente, Spain
700 EsMadrid TV, Spain
300 Local Media, Spain
120 NovaTV, Colombia
229 Ondajerez TV, Spain
260 RTPA, Spain
273 TeleSur, Venezuela
250 TeVe de Mente, Mexico
225 TV Nacional de Chile, Chile
700 TVCi, Spain
348 TVE, Spain
450 UPV TV, Spain
273 Vive, Venezuela


512 Bahane TV, Turkey
100 TRT 1, Turkey
100 TRT 2, Turkey
100 TRT Int, Turkey